ClixSense Team EMS

Already a ClixSense member? You can still join Our Team! We accept both Premium and Free Standard Members.

4. Why Should You Join Our Team?

If you join ClixSense alone, you promote ClixSense alone...
with no help from your uplines.
But if you join our team and promote together,
Your chances of getting a network
of ClixSense downlines is much higher.
As the saying goes,
"Many Hands Make Light Work!"

We are using 2 Methods to build Our ClixSense Network.
  1. Downline Spillover Method
    Our team build uses a 2x8 Forced Matrix Format.
    Each Premium Member will have 1 Premium + 1 Standard L1 referrals and Each Standard Member will have 2 Standard L1 referrals from the team*.
    You may self-refer both members (of whichever ClixSense membership type), or if you bring in more than 2, they will Spillover, under one of the members below you. With affiliate earnings up to 8 levels deep, you will be directly rewarded for your promoting efforts if you are an upgraded member at ClixSense.
    (*actual number of referrals will depend on new sign ups)

  2. Direct Downline Method (Highly Recommended)
    Get Downline Priority when you self-refer new members.
    This is the surest and fastest way to complete your L1 Downline.
    No Waiting in the queue or draw!

  3. The NIL-or-Next Draw (Discountinued)
    (Due to lack of manpower support and time constraints, we will be DISCONTINUING with this method.)


5. What Are The Requirements For Joining?

  • For Existing ClixSense Members, you are welcome to join the team provided you have no existing upline or your upline is inactive.
  • Your existing ClixSense account will be transferred over to the team and a team member will be your new upline.
  • For Non ClixSense Members, join ClixSense within 12 hrs using the link provided by the team.
  • Click and View ClixSense Ads daily.
  • Complete Tasks and Offers to earn more.
  • Promote your ClixSense Team Reflink to get Team Referrals. Focus on expanding your own 2x8 forced matrix downline.
  • No multiple accounts allowed. CHEATERS WILL BE BANNED!
  • New Requirements Here

    For any Team to become Successful,
    The Team requires Every Team Member to
    Be An ACTIVE and POSITIVE Team Player!
    And This Team Is No Different!

6. About The ClixSense Team EMS

We are a team of ClixSense earners
with the following goals:

  • Promote and build a network of
    Premium and Standard members,
  • Maximise our Team Members' affiliate earnings, and
  • Create an annual residual income for our members.

The All New ClixSense Team EMS
Launch: Nov 11, 2011

Team Leader: cashlink

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