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Update on payments

Posted on November 7, 2016 at 8:00 PM

Members, as many of you are aware there have been issues that are out of our control with some of the payment processors we're using for cashouts.

Neteller has stopped accepting any deposits from USA customers and Payza is again having issues with accepting USA deposits as well. We've also been told that Payza is unable to process any ACH (bank withdrawal) or send checks to USA customers. This makes it nearly impossible for us to pay via these methods when we cannot deposit money to them.


For those of you who use Tango Card there have been intermittent issues with the bitcoin processor they use (Snapcard) and frequently they run out of bitcoin. Hopefully this situation will get better with time.


Paypal seems to be the most solid option right now so we're requesting if any of you have a Paypal account and are able to use it to please do so. We want to make sure you're paid. In the meantime we've been searching for replacements for Neteller and Payza and have contacted Skrill and Payoneer. We're also considering adding a bitcoin processor so you can cashout directly to bitcoin.


We will keep you updated on this as we move forward.



Thank you

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