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Weekly Update 7/27

Posted on July 27, 2012 at 9:10 PM



Each week we will send you an email with your ClixSense stats. We will also include any new updates we may have or any news we feel you should know about.


This past week we set another record for completed tasks in one day. More and more members are attempting and completing tasks and we want all members to get involved. It's very easy and rewarding too. Plus don't forget you can complete the same task over and over again.



Please remember that if you fail to login to your account at least once every 90 days that it can be closed for inactivity.


We'd like to remind all members about our very inexpensive ad pack. For just $1.20 you can purchase 500 ad credits from your account balance to show your ad to all your fellow members. This very inexpensive ad pack is perfect for those members wishing to advertise but do not have a large sum of money to do so.


To purchase an ad pack, just login to your account, mouse over the Advertise button and click Manage My PTC Ads. Then on the far right click the BUY link, it's that easy!


That's all we have for this week. We want to personally thank each and every one of you for helping to make ClixSense what it is today. If you have any questions please contact us through our helpdesk available on the web site. Do not reply to this email as this address is not monitored.


Thank you,

The ClixSense Team

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