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ClixSense Tasks Success and New Bonuses

Posted on April 8, 2012 at 11:00 PM

$5 Bonus

To commemorate the success of the CrowdFlower Tasks on ClixSense, we are introducing a special $5 Bonus that is instantly credited to your account's balance each time you complete $50 in tasks.


Please follow the discussion in the forum here.


That means each time you earn $50 working in the tasks you get a $5 bonus. When you reach $100 you will be earning a total of $10 in bonuses, reach $150 and you will be earning $15, and so on...


This bonus is retroactive, meaning if you have already earned more than $50 you will be credited for this bonus, but only next time you complete another task. If you have completed more than $100 you will have to complete at least 2 more tasks, and so on...


$50 Weekly Contest

We are introducing yet another bonus. The top worker for each week will earn a $50 Bonus. This is a weekly contest that runs from Monday to Sunday. The winner will be announced Sunday midnight EST (New York time) every week, right on time for the cashout day.


The rules are simple. Just complete as many tasks as possible on a given week, but you may win this bonus only once in 10 weeks. In case of a tie, the worker that completed the last task first will be the winner.



A little over 505,000 tasks have been completed paying a total over $48,000 so far! All this achieved in 10 weeks! Soon enough we will be reaching the 1 million mark.


This can only get better as CrowdFlower expands and gains more companies seeking their services. Did you know that they feature big clients such as Microsoft, eBay,, at&t and many others? These are the companies that you are actually working for.


Hall of Fame

On the bottom of the tasks page we now list the top task workers for the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and all time. Please go to the tasks page and take a look. Do you think you can beat them? We want to see you listed there!


New Support System

CrowdFlower has recently launched a new support system that you should use whenever you have any issues with the tasks. As much as we would like to help you, we are not able to in most cases, as we don't have access to CrowdFlower's platform.


So should you experience any difficulties related to the tasks please contact CrowdFlower directly by clicking on the Help menu then on the Get Support link. This menu is found on the top right corner of the task screen in question, which also gives you access to your Contributor ID and Job ID that you should include on your inquiry to them - this will ensure a faster response.


This Get Support link takes you to the CrowdFlower's community forum. The first time you visit the forum, you'll need to sign up for a CrowdFlower account. On all future visits, you will need to log into the forum in order to read/post content.




It's very important that you take the tasks seriously and do a good job. If we get word from CrowdFlower that that your work quality is too low we may be forced to block you access to the tasks or not reward you with any bonus.


Keep up the good work!

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