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New Requirements for ClixSense Team EMS Members (Premium)

Posted on April 15, 2012 at 11:20 AM

Hi Team Members,


The team is introducing these new requirements with immediate effect:


1) If you are the next team member selected in the Draw and before the team allocates the next referral under you, you will be requested to make the PIF payment in advance to team leaders. If you don't pay, you skip your turn and the new referral goes to the next winner who paid in advance. So please enter your active email accounts with EMS and check your private messages regularly.


2) We want active clickers in Our Team.

Along with the condition above, the team will allocate the first referral to you only if you had clicked at least 300 ads, and the second referral to you if you had clicked at least 600 ads. If not, you skip your turn and the new referral goes to the next winner who satisfy these requirements. This is an easy target to achieve and will not affect most team members who are already active.


PIF payments and click status will be recorded in the Team Members' List. From now on, we will amend or add in new requirements where necessary.

ClixSense Team EMS

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